April 15, 2024

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Voluntary Taxation – Why Does It Not Get 100% Of The Vote?

Seriously, why does voluntary taxation not get 100% support from the population?

I mean everybody would get what they wanted.

If you wanted to pay tax you could.

If you didn’t want to pay tax you could opt out

What is the problem?


And it is better than that, because your taxation is voluntary, if you wanted to pay taxes you could even make sure that your taxes only went to politicians who you agreed with.

Everybody gets what they want with voluntary taxation.

If you believe in socialism, in a voluntary tax system you would choose to pay taxes only to socialist organisations.

If you were a capitalist, you could choose only to give you voluntary taxes to politicians and parties and organisations that agreed with your philosophy

In a voluntary taxation system, everybody gets what they want.

But some people will say, the country will fall apart because if taxation was voluntary nobody would pay it.

That on its own should tell you that there is something fundamentally wrong with the political system. If it was popular and fair why would everybody stop paying it?

Getting passed  that, let us look at the practicalities.

Why exactly would the country fall apart?

Law and order. It would be like the wild west. How would it be like the wild west? Taxation has nothing to do with the laws of the country. No taxes go towards the creation of laws.

But who would enforce the laws? Well at the moment you pay your “taxes” to a security firm called the police. Except they have an almost total monopoly. If you are happy with the service you get from the police, you are free to continue paying funds to your local police force.

You are also free to employ another security  firm if you believe the police are not acting in your interest or the service they are offering don’t meet your expectations.

So why exactly would law and order go out of the window?

Schools, hospitals, they would all close if nobody paid taxes!

Again, why would they close? Are you saying that parents would stop paying their local school to educate their child by not paying taxes? Are you saying that parents would then decide not to spend the money they save on private tuition?

Who will defend the country if everyone stops paying taxes? Again, there is a large security organisation that taxpayers currently fund call the armed forces, the only thing that would change without the army is that you would have a choice.

You could wither continued to pay the existing armed forces, or if you didn’t like the service you could pay another armed force and if you could not see the need for an armed force you could not pay at all.

But if there was no army other countries would invade.

Okay, so lets look at it on a smaller scale. Counties or states for example. There are no armed forces on a the county level  but do we see one county invading another?

Do we see Yorkshire building up a massive military to invade Lancashire? And if Yorkshire were building up an army would Lancashire not defend itself willingly? Would people in Lancashire have to be forced to pay for their armed forces?

Everybody would come to the right decision for them voluntarily.

I do not see the problem here.

Politicians, who are going to pay their wages?

Well if you are saying that nobody is going to be paying taxes then politicians wont have much work to do because they will have no budget. Therefore I cannot see why politicians could not work voluntarily on a part-time basis. The workload would be minimal.

There is absolutely no down side to voluntary taxation from what I see. Everybody would get what they want.

I also find it hard to believe that the majority of the British electorate would not vote for a party proposing voluntary taxation in which case why the hell is there not a party campaigning for voluntary taxation and why is it not in power?

You may say voluntarily taxation is a childish idea. But think about this, if you had the choice tomorrow to pay taxes or not to pay taxes.

If the government said to you tomorrow, look if you don’t want to pay taxes then all the services we give you will be withdrawn, would you continue to pay 50% of your money to the government or would you take your chances?

Do you think you are mature enough to take responsibility of the whole of your finances or do you need to the government to help you supervise your life to make sure you get everything you need?

Do you think that you need a politician’s or a government bureaucrat to help you life your life is responsible way or do you think you are competent enough to take control of 100% of your own business?

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