July 18, 2024

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Two sides to every headline

Why Is There Income Inequality in the World?

The USA, UK, Europe generally run the world political agenda with the rest of countries minding their own business.

If all the countries in the world were equal and business friendly such as the USA, the price of goods for everyone (worldwide) would be more expensive. Having millions of people living in poverty means less competition for the world’s resources which keeps prices down in the West.

What would happen if all the countries in the world were equally business friendly? Again, prices higher for everyone. And perhaps most importantly, competition between governments to have influence in the rest of the world.

As it stands t the moment, foreign policy of military powers suppress pro business governments in the rest of the world. To keep prices down in their countries sure but also to stifle competition between themselves and other governments. Competition would force governments to be even more pro business which ultimately means lower taxation will ultimately means smaller less powerful government. Government’s are businesses in a sense, their success is measured by their size and/or the size of government departments. The more they spend the more “successful” they are. As an offshoot to smaller government is smaller government debt which means less income for those parties that lend money to governments.

It is in the interest of the main governments we see in the news to maintain their superiority over world political policy for the least possible cost/competition. By suppressing foreign governments they maintain their control while maintain or growing their size/budget. Most power for the least cost.

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