July 18, 2024

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Making Aviation 100% Sustainable in 2025

There is talk of e-fuels and synthetic fuels being the way forward for the aviation industry to become sustainable

In principle, it’s an idea, but the cost and complexity of making synthetic fuels is simply massive. It involves chemical processes and huge amounts of energy. And to cap the problems, it’s acknowledged that e -fuels will never have enough production to offset aviation emissions.

Fortunately there is a much cheaper and easier way of making aviation zero emissions and it can be done quickly.

The entire reasoning of using synthetic fuels is that they sequester CO2 from the atmosphere in their manufacturer. The same amount of CO2 they release when they are burned.

Instead of creating massive factories and solar and wind farms to product this fuel, the aviation industry could simply start planting hemp. Hemp sequesters around 4 times as much CO2 per acre as woodland and it produces a material that is more versatile. Hemp can be used in paper through to fabrics and building materials. It’s very possible that becoming carbon neutral will not cost the aviation industry anything, while it will free up the solar and wind farms to produce electricity for daily usage like keeping the lights on and heating and cooling.

In short, synthetic fuels are a massive technological cul-de-sac.

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