June 16, 2024

News Cymru

Two sides to every headline

Papademos is apparently optimistic on the Greek economy.

Athens News carried an article on it, unfortunately the whole article is full with politikspeak.

The article is typical of what is said from career politicians from around the world.

Full of words but the words are not specific and seem to have the sole purpose to confuse the reader or at least make sure the reader does not know what is being said.

Politicians can speak complete nonsense and the newspapers class it has news. How it came to this I do not know, perhaps this is the way it has always been, but people need to demand more.

This was the main piece of the article which quotes Papademos and it is complete and utter garbage


Firstly, the country must observe all the commitments it has undertaken on the basis of the existing programme.
Secondly, the new programme must be shaped in a reliable way for fiscal restructuring and the recovery of the economy to be achieved.
Thirdly, the PSI bond swap programme must be completed in accordance with the basic characteristics, as they have been determined with the decisions of October 26.


When someone tells a country that they are going to turn things around and yet are not able to be specific as to what exactly they are going to do, that is the definition of a politician.

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