November 28, 2023

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Two sides to every headline

Romney & Gingrich Working Together To Help Obama?

The more I see of Gingrich the more I believe he is simply a tool of the Republican party.

The more I see of Gingrich the more I believe he is prepared to do…… whatever it takes if he believes it is for the good of the Republican Party.

The mainstream media is a tool of both parties but moving past that, I cannot believe anyone in America seriously believes that Gingrich could be a contender for the presidency.

Gingrich’s number one strategy seems to be attack, Iran, Romney, capitalism, does not matter what it is, as long as he is attacking something.

Gingrich is the attack dog/tool of the Republican establishment and the US political establishment as a whole.

Gingrich’s attack on Bain Capital and Romney’s involvement is a case in point.

Gingrich is attacking a private sector company for making the US economy more efficient. To me this seems like an obvious ploy to get the mainstream talking about Romney’s capitalistic and supposedly successful past.

If Gingrich were not attacking Romney for his actions at Bain Capital, it would not be a news story. But now, the mainstream media is wall to wall with what a “success” Romney was in business and what a crucial part private equity firms like Bain Capitol play in the US economy.

This is especially helpful for Romney to be branded a “capitalist” given that his time as governor had the hall marks of a socialist regime. Gingrich in his attack ads is trying to make the case that Romney is not a socialist.

Romney being branded a socialist is his weakest point. Romney needs all the help he can get to destroy this impression amongst the Republican electorate.

If Gingrich’s attacks on Romney are not a clever ploy to get the press talking about Romney’s alleged past capitalistic successes it is extremely convenient for Romney that they are.

Some of the mainstream media in the US are saying that Romney cannot connect with people on a personal level, like there is some sort of “firewall” between him and the American people.

I think they have point.

Not having the personal touch is not something that people can accuse Obama of.

Given the massive resources Obama has got at his disposal Romney will not be able to compete on the same level.

In a one on one television debate it will be extremely difficult for Romney to overcome the charm of Obama. The policies of the 2 men are broadly the same so charm and personality are the only things that will set them apart and Obama will win that contest hands down.

Do you believe that Gingrich is the attacks dog of the Republican party who will do whatever he believes is necessary for “the good of the party”, even if that means building up a rival?

Do you believe that Romney is being set up for a fall against Obama? And does Romney appreciate how he is being manipulated?

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