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Thessaloniki Water Parks – Top 7

Kariba Water Park Katerini Thessaloniki

These are the Top 7 Thessaloniki water parks. I have ranked these water parks using the following categories:

  • Distance/time from Thessaloniki
  • Ease of access
  • Parking
  • Water quality
  • Beach bars
  • Scenery/views
  • Quality of attractions/rides
  • Blob launcher (because its important)
  • Price

Generally these water parks are all sea based except for two.

Each park was marked out of 10 for each category

Magic Bloom
The Wave Water
KaribaCrazylandParadiseHappy DolphinsWaterland
LocationPotidaiaPereaKateriniPefkochori Nea IrakliaKallitheaRysio, Thessaloniki
Distance from Thess6924759
Ease of access89775110
Water quality7668786
Beach bars8636383
Blob launcher0005530

7. Happy Dolphins Water Park, Kallithea

The massive issue with this Halkidiki water park is the access and the parking. The beach is down the side of a very steep hill. There just isn’t a lot of space to get to the parking and the parking spaces are also super tight. Happy Dolphins has by far the worst parking and access of all the water parks in this review. The situation is so bad I would not recommend it on these points alone.

Getting past the parking and the access problems the beach is nice, there are a selection of beach bars, the beach itself is super busy, the water is nice.

6.Kariba water park, Katerini

I genuine water park ie one with hydra slides and not inflatable and not sea based. The park is relatively small but the entrance price (according to social media) is very good value and the price of drinks inside the park are also very reasonable (according to social media).

The downsides with this water park is that it is a long way from Thessaloniki and it takes you away from Halkidiki. If the distance doesn’t bother you (and the tolls that go with it) and you don’t mind being in a swimming pool then why not try it out.

5.Paradise, Nea Iralkeia

Nothing spectacular about this water park. Access is a bit awkward from the Halkidiki road and the parking there also seems very small. We were there at around 6 in the evening and the parking was still full. If you are happy to park another 200 meters further away there is a bigger parking. This may or may not be a problem depending on how much stuff you are carrying to the beach.

There is a beach bar around 100 meters away, this might be a problem if you want the beach bar experience and keep an eye on your kids in the water park. I got the impression that the beach bar is trying to keep the water park as far away as possible. Which is a shame.

The park has a blob launcher tucked away at the back and the prices seems to be typical of the other water parks in this review.

4.Wave water park, Perea

The stand out feature of this water park is the closeness to Thessaloniki, the ease of access and the parking. From the White Tower in Thessaloniki you go on the road that goes past Ikea and the airport. To get to the Waves water park you only have to make 4 turns in 25 minutes of driving.

The second plus with Waves is the selection beach bars within 2 minutes walk of the park and third the beach is quite big, you can choose to sit at a beach bar or on the sand.

3.Magic Bloom, New Potidiea

At the top of the first leg of Halkidiki, Magic Bloom is easy to get to, you follow the signs to Pomegranate Hotel and then the signs to Agios Mammas beach. After you go past the canal you can’t miss tha waterpark 100 meters up the beach on the right.

The sea here is excellent, the beach is massive, the beach bars are good and plentiful, the parking areas are also huge. Generally just a solid choice.

The reason Magic Bloom does not figure higher is that it does not have a blob launcher. Which is obviously super important.

2.Waterland water park, Thessaloniki

Considering the water parks in this review give loads of points to things related to the sea, to have Waterland in the top two tells you how good it is.

Waterland is based just of the road to Halkidiki. You turn for Nea Rysio and follow the signs to Sourouti and Tagarades.

The park is surrounded by farmland so it scores low for quality of water ie its not sea and it scores low for “beach” bars because there is no beach. Having said that we did award points for cleanliness of the swimming pools and for the bars that the park has inside.

The reason Waterland scores so highly is because of the rides it has inside. Not super wow but decent size and length of water slides, for sure worth going to at least once.

Access and parking are great and the park is only ten minutes from the edge of Thessaloniki (15 to 20 minutes from the White Tower by car).

1.Crazyland Pefkochori, Halkidiki

Honestly, the water parks in this review are pretty similar with regards to the prices and the types of rides/structures they have in the water park. The differences come from the surroundings of the water park (and if it has a blob launcher or not. Obviously)

Crazyland has a blob launcher.

The surrounding of Crazyland are also fantastic. Not super luxurious but honest and clean. Sure the park is the furtherst away from Thessaloniki of all the parks (except Kariba) but the access from the main road is on a dirt road which is well maintained and when you get to the beach parking is ample.

The beach itself is huge and there is a beach bar right next to the water park. If you don’t want to be in a beach bar there is open beach on the other side of the beach bar. In short, something for everyone.

Music in the beach bar is great ie modern dance music, volume is good and the drinks prices are normal.

The scenery around the park is great and the sea is probably the best in the first leg of Halkidiki.

In short Crazyland wins this review because of the blob launcher, the beach bar, the sea, the scenery and the access, the fact that its a bit far from Thessaloniki does not deter us from recommending it to people who are looking fro the best sea based water park in Halkidiki and Thessaloniki.

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