September 28, 2022

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COVID19 Vaccine Whistleblower Exposes Buried Trial Data

Illustration of COVID19 virus

Dr. Andrew Kaufman has interviewed Karen Kingston who is a former pharmaceutical analyst and advisor to Pfizer. She claims potential COVID19 vaccine problems that have been completely ignored.

This is the video of the interview. Below I will highlight the key points rasied by Karen Kingston.

3:00 Minutes – To commence the interview she states her professional background

6:40 Minutes – Her motivation to come out with the information she has, stems from the plan to vaccinate children. She says no vaccine will be as effective against corona as the child’s own immune system.

7:50 Her email to media

8:19 Vaccine ingredients

9:20 mRNA vaccine construction. Lipid nano particles and graphine oxide.

15:40 Where vaccine manufacturers buy their ingredients

16:10 EU graphine research fund

17:40 Graphine oxide and Moderna’s history.

19:50 The tip of the iceberg. Medical use of graphine

20:50 Gene therapy treatments. Are these really vaccines. Do these “vaccines” meet the US definition.

20:20 FDA guidance document for gene therapy.

23:00 How the mRNA vaccines work

24:00 Vaccinated individuals shedding virus particles to people close to them leading to infection. Breast feeding baby of vaccinated mother apparently killed by thrombosis.

26:40 FDA aware of virus shedding. Measures taken by Pfizer medical trial highly unusual perhaps unprecedented and “illegal”. These actions required, otherwise trials could not have gone ahead.

30:30 Clinical trial data and how the results were manipulated to make vaccines look vastly more effective than was actually the case at the time of the efficacy analysis.

32:30 Why the numbers from the clinical trials are suspect bordering on implausible.

33:30 More people were presenting with symptoms in the group that had been vaccinated. Because they only had time to run PCR tests on 9 of the people in the group which had the vaccine.

This is why only 9 people tested positive for COVID in the vaccine group. It was not because only 9 people were positive it was because they only tested 9 people.

37:50 No explanation why vaccines with unknown long term side effects would be rolled out on such massive scale. Is there outside influence?

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