June 16, 2024

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Two sides to every headline

Listening to American talk radio it seems Americans have the idea that Europeans are unhappy because governments are cutting back.

Apparently Americans believe Europeans don’t get that socialism is a recipe for bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, they could not be more wrong.

Europeans are crying out for government to cut back, the problem is government are not cutting back.

There is no austerity in Europe.

What is being called austerity in Europe is actually tax increases on the private sector and that is why Europeans are unhappy.

Unfortunately the parties on the left are saying they will end the austerity measures. ie, the left parties are saying they will stop the austerity by cutting government even less.

So why are Europeans voting for the left if they are promising the very thing Europeans do not want?

Because the left is promising the opposite of what they will actually do. That and the socialists are exactly half right.

In short, Europeans are being lied to in the biggest way possible.

You have so-called capitalist leaning parties raising taxes under the guise of “austerity” while you have the left parties saying they do not agree with the tax increases but at the same time these leftist parties are saying at the same time they will not cut the government workforce.

The situation is completely bizarre.

You have right-wing parties raising taxes and not shrinking government in any meaningful way.

And on the other hand you have the left-wing parties saying they will not raise taxes and at the same time they will not cut the government.

In short, there is no choice in Europe.

You have the so-called right-wing parties sabotaging economies, and on the other hand you have left-wing parties saying they will not address the fundamental issues and at the same time they are saying they can continue as is.

You have the left parties saying they want to default, in Greece at least. And you have the parties on the centre and right saying it is correct to socialise the losses of the banks. Things are either backwards or upside down. No wonder Greece can form a government in their normal manner. Everything is mixed up.

The more I write about it the more bizarre I realise the situation is.

So what would be an alternative?

Well default is a start but this has to be done in conjunction with massive tax decreases in order for the economies to recover post default.

But fundamentally the banks have the governments by the balls because they control the currencies, until this fundamental fact is understood, Europeans will continue to be lied to and manipulated by politicians who are just as clueless.

So in short Americans have it wrong about austerity in Europe. Europeans are crying out for smaller government.

Unfortunately there are no parties that I know of anywhere in Europe that are offering any true austerity.

When the word austerity is used about Europe, it is simply tax increases under a different name.

Unfortunately no party in Europe is offering true austerity and if anything, the only thing on the horizon for Europeans is less austerity with the rise of the extreme left and more chaos.

It’s funny how the left can be so correct with their calls for default but at the same time be so clueless by saying government has the answer.

Government has created the problem and yet the left thinks the government should just default and continue as things were.

If they can pull it off, good luck to them, but I do not see any chance that they can.

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