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Greece Predictions 2012 – Greek Elections/Communism/EU & the Euro

I wrote an article back on the 4th of February outlining what a communist takeover of Greece would look like and how it would work.

It was not a popular article but I encourage you, to please take a moment and read it here

Perhaps the words communism, KGB and takeover were a bit extreme, a bit unrealistic to people but if you were one of these people, hopefully the election results from May 6 will make you take a second look.

The party that came in second, Syriza, is a communist party and some would say even more communist than the KKE, the official communist party of Greece.

Why do I say this?

Communist by any other name. Tsipras of Syriza has declared his party is open to the possibility of the his government using the money of bank depositors for any purposes the government sees as fit.

Syriza have stated that if they were to come into power in Greece they would seize control of people’s bank deposits and redistribute the money in the way they thought was best for the country.

Banks completed a two-day decline of 21.1 per cent, fuelled mainly by comments from a Syriza MP, Dimitris Stratoulis, that private bank deposits could be used by a Syriza-led government “for growth and a productive restructuring of our country”.

New Greek elections look likely to be called for the end of June and it is a very real possibility that Syriza will seize power. From what I am hearing, the is a strong feeling amongst Greeks that Tsipras, the leader of Syriza, should be given a chance. The feeling is, is that he is a new face and that he cannot do any worse than the current ruling parties.

And like I said, it is for these reasons that I believe it is a very real possibility that Syriza could come to power in Greece.

If this were to happen it would take us into stage 3 of the KGB playbook.

To recap on the KGB strategy for turning countries into socialist, centrally controlled economies.

Step 1. Demoralisation. This has been going on in Greece for the past 4 years with the steady erosion of people’s savings, incomes and pensions along with the massive increase in unemployment.

Step 2. Destabilisation. The economy of a country is sabotaged leaving people with confidence in their own government and without confidence in their banks. This lack of confidence has put in place in step 1 and will lead to further problems as private and government debt increases and the amount of cash in circulation decreases.

Step 3. Crisis. Things finally come to a head as a critical mass of people become unable to finance the daily lives. This will come in the form of taxes being unable to paid, arrears of mortgages, government unable to provide the services they have laready been paid for such as healthcare and benefits and even more basic things such as people being unable to afford to heat or cool their homes and people being unable to pay for the cost of keeping their car running, which leads to it’s own problems.

Business failures and bad debt will reach such a level that even the largest, previously secure companies, will be unable to absorb the losses.

The final nail in this coffin to tip the country into crisis will be the election of a party that seizes what remains of the assets  in the private sector in order for the government to put these resources to use “for the greater good”.

With nothing left and with the country literally deteriorating around its inhabitants, the citizens will welcome any assistance in order for them to lead a normal life regardless of the conditions attached.

Which leads to…

Stage 4. Normalistation. Foreign entities and/or foreign international government or organisations come in with vital support to return the country to “normalcy” which is nothing like the normality of the pre stage 1 phase.

This support will come in the form of measures which strips a country of its democratic process with governmental decisions being made by unelected officials in a foreign land.

And of course the people will welcome such intervention as they have been let down so badly by their own leaders.

And that appears to be the master plan that is being played out in Greece as of today. Unfortunately a large portion of the Greek people are allowing these plans to be initiated with little resistance and if anything, with support.

Things are getting to the point where Greeks are happy to go through the motions, the main hope is that is quick.

Here is the original article again.

And here is how the whole process could be stopped in its tracks if the political will existed

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