June 16, 2024

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The 2 Problems with the Theory of Evolution

Mules grazing in snow

The 2 biggest problems with the Theory of Evolution is that there is no current evidence to support it.

The Theory of Evolution suggests that all living organism have one common ancestor.

However there is no evidence to support this as we observe the world today. In fact what we observe is the opposite.

The first problem is that “species” merge together, they become more similar, not more dissimilar.

Take the example of the human species. As time progresses the difference between races becomes less, as we mix more. We do not see new human races forming, we actually see human races becoming more homogeneous. We can look at dogs and see the same thing, (when they are left to their own devices).

The second is that different species can not reproduce with one another. The most obvious example is horses and donkeys. Even when these two different species reproduce, the offspring are almost always infertile.

Even when a new species is created, like the Mule, Mother Nature puts a stop to it’s development. And if she did not, I think we could imagine that these three species, the horse, the donkey and the mule would, over time, become one homogeneous species.

Indeed I think it would be easy to argue the case that species must not be able to reproduce with one another because if they could, we would see the day when there was only one species left on the planet.

Different species must be incompatible, (and if compatible produce infertile offspring) if the variety of species on the earth are to remain in the same numbers, let alone increase.

So where exactly is the diversity proposed by the Theory of Evolution supposed to come from?

To repeat, species that reproduce generally become more homogeneous, and those species that can reproduce with a different species produce infertile offspring.

Where is the increased number of species supposed to come from?

Where is the evidence that we can see today that supports the Theory of Evolution?

And these are the two major problems with the Theory of Evolution.

As we observe the world today we see no evidence of the process.

Sure, we see species evolving to adapt to their environments as time goes on but with regards to the creation of new species, we do not see it.

Perhaps if there were some calamity where one group of organisms became separated from another. And this led to the two groups developing differently due to different geographical or climatic conditions, perhaps then we would see new “species” after thousands of years.

Although this explanation does beg it’s own questions.

How many calamities would the world need to see to have the number of species we see today?

Do we have evidence of such a number of calamities?

And would each calamity really be able to completely & perfectly isolate one group of species from one another?

If no, what percentage of calamities would achieve these conditions?

And has the earth been habitable long enough for so many “productive” calamities to have occurred?

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