June 16, 2024

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#Partygate – What Boris Johnson Should Say

I apologise. I apologise for stopping the British public from being able to exercise their own good judgement.

The job of government is to inform and assist, note to dictate and control. To mandate what people could and could not do was not only a mistake, it was a disgrace to the liberal values of Great Britain.

Yes, the Metropolitan police have seen it appropriate to fine me and some members of my staff. While I stand by my original statements, namely the gatherings were essential for the government to operate at its best during unprecedented times, I respect the findings of the Metropolitan police.

However, moving forward, I will no longer being mandating Lockdown measures. I realise now it was a mistake.

The investigations by the Metropolitan Police have made me realise how such rules can never be implemented in a fair and reasonable way. What is viewed as essential by one person may be viewed completely differently by another.

This is an intolerable situation which we will not create again.

My only regret throughout this whole saga is not realising the consequences of implementing such draconian rules and how people, who were simply trying to do the best thing for their particular situation were either prevented from doing things which were important to them or were fined or inconvenienced for doing so.

This is my position on the lockdown regulations we implemented, what we did wrong and what we will do in the future to not repeat these same mistakes. I apologise again to all those people negatively effected by the measures we brought in, we will not make the same mistakes again.

Tackle Partygate Head-On

The problem were the rules. They stopped people from being able to exercise their own best judgement. The PM chose to exercise his good judgement and now he is being pilloried for it. But his mistake was implementing such ridiculous and plainly wrong lockdown measures.

The actions of the PM is a graphic illustration of the stupidity and ignorance that went into making such rules. Boris should not be apologising for exercising his own good judgement, he should be apologising for making it illegal for British citizens to exercise their own good judgement, that is the real scandal. He of all people should now realise this was the real mistake.


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