June 16, 2024

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Merkel’s Visit To Athens, Greece – The Impending PR Disaster

Merkel is planning to visit Athens on the 9th of October. There is no way this is going to end well, you have to seriously question the motives of the people that are advising Merkel.

There are no good reasons for her to visit Athens, let me just outline the main ones.

1. Merkel is planning on visiting on Tuesday. This gives the Greek government all the latitude they need to pass or propose some seriously draconian measures the day before she arrives on Monday.

There is absolutely no way the Greek media and the Greek politicians are going to pass this opportunity up. Merkel’s visit is a simply massive chance for the moral cleansing of the Greek political elite. Look for more anti-German propaganda than normal.

2. News headlines world-wide. There is no way Merkel is going to be visiting any country without a massive entourage.

I can tell you the coverage now. Pictures of Merkel’s cavalcade and all of its grandeur transporting her to and from Athens interspersed with pictures of simply massive protests and it would be extremely hard to believe there will not be mass riots.

Again the opportunity is simply too big to miss for the people who want to heap all the blame on her.

Number one on its own it enough for her not to go. It gives the Greek politicians more latitude than they ever believed possible. Seriously, Merkel’s visit is the socialists dreams come true. And even that does not do it justice. It is simply too fantastic a oppourtunity, they never imagined it could happen.

Number two is the worldwide PR disaster in waiting. German cavalcade on the screen one second, youths firebombing police the next. It is going to be a complete horror show for Germany’s reputation in the world.

Why do Greeks hate Merkel?
Why do Greeks hate Merkel? Her visit to Greece on the 9th of October 2012 is a massive mistake.

In short this visit simply should not be happening, it does no one any favours. Well that’s not correct, the visit is a massive boon for the banks and the Greek politicians, everyone else is going to suffer.

In fact, it is such a horrific decision I’m wondering if it is possible for Merkel’s advisers to be so ignorant of the feeling in Greece. Is it possible that Merkel’s advisers can be so clueless?

Or is Merkel simply cannon fodder in order to distract people from the real perpetrators? And if so, is Merkel aware of her role?

Is it possible that Merkel is simply another Papandreou? Simply another politician who is prepared to fall on her sword in order to continue the collapse?

I really hope I am wrong about this.

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