October 3, 2023

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Syria-Turkey Village Shelling – What The BBC Is Not Telling You

Beamed around the world has been Turkey’s ambassador to the UN claiming Syria claimed responsibility for the shell that killed 5 people. This is not the case and media outlets such as the BBC continue to regurgitate the erroneous claim.

The Syrian ambassador to the UN clarified the issue almost as soon as the Turkish claims were made public.



For supposedly respected news outlets like the BBC to continue to reports something as serious as this with the facts not being known is extremely dangerous and is putting thousands of people’s lives at risk as the story is used as an excuse for military action between Turkey and Syria.


From unbiased perspective it makes no sense to me that Syria would want to shell Turkey.

I think Assad has got more than  enough on his plate without involving countries with massive military arsenals which also happen to have US backing, countries like Turkey.

Given how fast Turkey has been to respond with shelling of Syria it opens up big questions to me as to Turkey’s ulterior motive.

Turkey are using this incident as an excuse to declare war on Syria even though the facts are far from clear.

In short, it smells of and bares all the hallmarks of a false flag attack.

Here are some external sources regarding this issue






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