March 1, 2024

News Cymru

Two sides to every headline

In the continuing efforts of the Greek government to tighten control over the spending of private citizens a new tax ID card has been introduced in addition to the national ID card that is already in place.

In something out of 1984 Greeks are being told they must have their tax ID card swiped whenever they make a purchase so the government can keep track of how much of their money they are spending and where they arte spending it.

For a Greek living in Greece it must seem like some sort of nightmare except there is no sign of the dream ending only more and more controls and more and more taxes.

How these tax id cards are supposed to operate for people who purchase goods abroad or for people who spend a large portion of their earnings abroad is not clear.

This is yet another example of the Greek government passing the cost of tax evasion onto the private sector instead of addressing the obvious issues in their own tax collecting operations.

It is not enough for the Greek government to have the power to impose taxes, they also want the Greek private sector to collect the taxes the government is to corrupt or too incompetent to collect itself.

These does appear to be no end to the private rights of Greek citizens that the Greek government is prepared to throw under the bus.



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