May 27, 2024

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Greece Gets In Bed With The Devil – Central Banker New PM

Sure its warm in there and he has told you he will look after you but you know you can’t trust anyone when they have that much power over you.

As I wrote yesterday, Papademos was the governor of the central bank of Greece and oversaw Greece’s fraudulent entry into the European Union.

A fraudulent entry which allowed Greece to borrow massively and on a scale it would never be able to service. And yet, Papademos who was not only involved with Greece’s change to the Euro but was also vice president of the ECB after Greece had joined the Euro appeared to do nothing to stop Greece from ending up in the situation it is in today.

What situation is Greece in today?

A government starved of cash, a private sector collapsing and a country that is now ripe for international investors who want some beautiful real estate at bargain basement prices.

Papademos himself is quoted as saying

Noting that he was not a politician but had devoted a large part of his career dealing with the exercising of economic policy,

So he has devoted his life to something which has in part, led his country to the verge of bankruptcy, has led to his country having to give up its sovereignty either in part or completely and has led to Greek having to sell off public utilities which Greeks have built up over decades simply to repay the debt which Papademos allowed Greece to accumulate.

As if being a central banker didn’t ring enough alarm bells, Papademos is also a member of the Trilateral Comission whose stated goal is to establish an unelected world government and to start a war with Iran.

Other Trilateral Commission founding members include Zbigniew Brezinski, who in his own book “The Grand Chessboard” treats the world as a giant chessboard which America must dominate to the detriment of other competing powers.

Some other information on the Trilateral Commission from Wikipedia

On the right, in his book With No Apologies, former conservative Republican Senator Barry Goldwater lambasted the discussion group by suggesting it was “a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power: political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical…[in] the creation of a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the nation-states involved.”[4] On the left, linguist Noam Chomsky criticized a report issued by the Commission called The Crisis of Democracy for suggesting that there was an “excess of democracy” in the 1960s and defending “the ideology of the liberal wing of the state capitalist ruling elite”. Chomsky also argues that the group had an undue influence in theadministration of Jimmy Carter.[5]

So in summary Greece has appointed a central banker, Trilateral Commission member and possible Bilderberg member as Prime Minister and everybody seems relieved…..

Russia today carries an interview with an investigative reporter regarding the Bilderberg Group of which the Trilateral Comission is a splinter group




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