March 1, 2024

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Greece – COVID19 Cases Increase by 600% After Introduction of Outdoor Mask Mandate

Is the use of masks indoors and outdoors in Greece making the COVID19 situation worse?

Open air regiment for the treatment of the Spanish Flu was found the reduce the mortality rate of the virus by 67%. This open air treatment put patients outdoors for fresh air and direct sunlight.

Greece has mandated the use of masks indoors and outdoors. What has been the effect on cases?

Masks were mandated indoors and outdoors on the 23rd of December 2021.

When the measures were introduced cases were quite stable at around 400-500 cases per million people. However 5 days after the mask mandate was introduced cases of COVID19 skyrocketed to 3000 cases per million, an increase of 600%.

Given what we know of the beneficial effects of fresh air and direct sunlight, should it come as a surprise that cases have skyrocketed after the mandating of masks outdoors was introduced?

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