September 28, 2022

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COVID19 – Top 5 Suspicious COVID Measures

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Europe and the English speaking world have seen governments impose similar COVID measures with the claim of “defeating” the virus and protecting public health. In this article I list the Top 5 suspicious COVID measures ie measures which run counter to the claimed aim of protecting public health.

  1. No tests of the vaccinated.

    For anyone that knows a vaccinated person who has had COVID19, they spread the virus the same as people who have not taken the vaccine. On this basis, the fact that vaccinated people are told they can go anywhere and do anything, runs completely counter to the narrative of “stopping the spread”. If the goal is to stop infected people spreading the virus, vaccinated people must be tested, just like the unvaccinated.
  2. Eliminating the control group

    The vaccines are experimental. They have been granted emergency authorisation because they have not gone through the normal testing procedures for efficacy and safety. It is essential that there are two groups of similar demographic makeup, one with the vaccine and one without. Without two groups it is impossible to asses how effective the vaccine is at fighting the virus.

    Without a control group we can not know such things as
    -What is the infection rate in the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated group
    -How do all cause deaths compare between the two groups
    -How do all cause hospitalisation rates compare between the two groups
    -Disease rates and types between the two groups, are there any significant differences
    -Mortality rate from infection

    And the list goes on.

    We can literally make comparisons as time goes on. And I am not saying we should be doing the comparisons to make the vaccines look bad. The point is we simply do not know the long term effects. It is quite possible that the vaccines will improve health in ways so far unimagined.

    The entire point is, if we do not have a meaningfully large group to which to compare to there is no way for us to know if the vaccines are achieving anything at all and if they are having an affect, what are the affects, which affects are positive and which are negative and do the pros outweigh the cons and can we administer the vaccines in a more targeted way?

    By aiming for 100% vaccination rate of the population it is impossible to know what the vaccines are doing. When the official goal is to eliminate the control group, alarm bells should be ringing for everyone
  3. Vaccination of children

    Children are effectively under no risk to COVID19. The vaccines on the other hand definitely have risks in the short term and the medium/long term risks are unknown. The goal is to protect public health, to “do no harm” yet this policy runs completely counter to that. It is a policy which will definitely inflict harm on some children.

    This makes the motives of those pushing child vaccination highly questionable.
  4. Ignoring injuries, actual or otherwise

    People who have had adverse effects from the vaccine and people who think they have had adverse effects from taking the vaccine are being ignored and ostracised by the medical profession. Numerous real world stories of people trying to get help from their doctors after receiving the vaccine shows that there is absolutely no system in place to help these people.

    Not only is there no system in place to help these people, there is absolutely no interest in recording these issues.

    How can it be claimed that the administration of vaccines is in the name of public health when there is no system to record the effect on public health. Ignoring and ostracising injured people is the exact opposite of protecting public health. One has to assume for every person that takes the time to raise an issue there are many more that stay silent, especially when such a stigma has been created around doing so.
  5. Vaccine based measures

    We have seen in the UK, the ending of restrictions being dependent on the roll out of vaccination. This is despite the fact that no proven effective vaccination existed at the time of said announcement.

    In the history of medicine we have never managed to develop an effective vaccine for a coronavirus, primarily because corona virus mutate in unpredictable ways which meant it was impossible to roll out a vaccine in advance.

    When the health secretary of the UK says restrictions don’t end until vaccine is available, that is a political policy not a public health policy.

    It is impossible for a policy like this to have the primary aim of protecting public health for two main reasons

    -It is very possible for the virus to die out on its own. There is no basis to make a vaccine the only way lockdowns end.
    -No vaccine has ever been successfully developed in history. By saying restrictions don’t end until there is a vaccine is potentially condemning humanity to perpetual lockdowns.

COVID Measures – In summary

This is simply the top 5 COVID measures which raise the most suspicion. There are many more, if you think I have missed some important ones, please leave a comment below.

Governments are claiming they are imposing these measures to protect public health but it is obvious, with just the most cursory analysis that these measures achieve the exact opposite.

Telling people who can transmit that they can travel about freely will definitely lead to the spreading of a virus.

Eliminating the control group will hide the benefits and the negatives of the vaccines, this is absolutely couter to the interest of public health

Vaccinating a group of people who stand to get no benefit but can be hurt by the vaccine is completely counter to improving public health.

Ignoring the negative effects of the vaccines and stigmatising the thought of reporting adverse events can only harm public health

Basing COVID measures on a vaccine rather than the actual conditions is utterly stupid at best, it has no logical basis.

Vaccines undoubtedly are of a benefit to many people, however ridiculous and obviously harmful policies raises massive suspicion among people who would under normal circumstance taken the vaccine and this cannot be good for public health in general.

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