June 16, 2024

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Yannis Stournaras Tries To Defend Post Pank Sale, Attacked By Tsipras

The ND government in Greece are continuing their line that the Hellenic Post Bank is unviable.

Tsipras the leader of Syriza has declared the sale of Post Bank as theft, we would have to agree with Tsipras’s assessment, the financial statements of Hellenic Post Bank do not lie and are without a shadow of a doubt, more reliable than the words of a politician.

With regards to Stournaras’s defense that the verdict of the bank stress test declared Post Bank unviable, it is widely accepted that the stress  of the bank “stress” test were nowhere near stressful enough and could paint a misleading picture about the health of major banks in the Europa and the USA.



More informantion on European Bank Stress Tests




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