March 1, 2024

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Two sides to every headline

Tax evasion as a “problem” in Greece is a fiction put forward by successive Greek governments.

The purpose of creating this myth is to allow the Greek government to implement oppressive tax rates and oppressive regulations restricting the freedom of Greek citizen in the name of “fighting” tax evasion.

The myth of tax evasion as a problem in Greece is simply a propaganda tool used by Greek governments to suppress, restrict and control the Greek people.

Let us look at the evidence.

In 2010 Greek tax revenue was a massive 39.5% of GDP

In the UK for example tax revenue was only 25% of GDP

This figure on it’s own is enough to demonstrate the massive taxes that the Greek population are exposed to.

With regards to regulations, take setting up a limited company, in the UK it can take less than a day, in Greece it can take over a month.

With regards to Greek tax evasion as a problem being a myth put forward by successive Greek governments.

The current PASOK in regime has claimed that up to 30% of Greek GDP is undeclared. I say that this is not a “problem” in the eyes of the Greek government as they have made no efforts to address the “problem ie the GReek government has made no effort to enforce tax revenue.

The Greek governments solution to the debt crisis is not to collect the taxes they allege are not being collected.

The Greek governments solution to a problem they allege exists is to increase taxes on the honest people who already pay taxes.

Either the “problem” of tax evasion does not really exist or the Greek government does not see it as a “problem” worth dealing with.

Either way, it cannot be said tax evasion is a problem in Greece.

Instead the Greek government “solution” is to increase taxes on taxpayers even though they themselves allege that they do not collect 30% of the taxes they should be. If they did taxes could be reduced, not increased.

The Greek government uses the alleged problem of tax evasion as an excuse to impose draconian restrictions on the freedom of the Greek people. That really is the long and the short of it from my perspective.

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