June 16, 2024

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Online Small Claims Court, National & International – Do you want a quick decision & save money?

If you want to bypass the costs & complications of the legal system in your country or a foreign country, or if you simply want to save money judge.me is the answer for you.

Professional arbitrageurs are employed. Its fast, its cheap, it works across borders, it is recognised by 143 governments around the world and it is super convenient.

From the judge.me website

Why you’ll love using judge.me

Easily resolve disputes within days

Our online arbitration system allows you to submit your testimony from anywhere, anytime, from any device you want. Our arbitrators will guide you through the entire email arbitration hearing.

Within days, you can have a solution for all kinds of commercial and personal conflicts.

Online small claims court. Recognised by 143 governments worldwide. judge.me

Legally binding in 146 countries

No need to sue the other party in a foreign country or in every country where he or she has assets. Just arbitrate once, our arbitral awards are recognized and enforced by courts in 146 countries.

Judge.me is also available for local disputes.

Keep your case details confidential

Unlike court litigation, our internet arbitration process is private and confidential. Your neighbors or competitors will never know you had a dispute.

At all time during the online arbitration, parties have access to the arbitration transcripts.

Pricing like it should be

Our fixed price is $149.5 per party, for a total of 299 USD. No case filing fees, no administration fees, no hearing fees, no case transcript fees, no hidden costs: You only pay once for the entire arbitration.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Paypal.

No legal mumbo jumbo

Our internet arbitration is “ex aequo et bono” , which means our arbitrators act “from equity and conscience”. Without legal loopholes to exploit, there is no need to hire an expensive lawyer.

Just defend yourself using our arbitration hearing tips.

judge.me website

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