May 27, 2024

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Nigeria “Religious” Terrorist Attacks – State Sponsored

When reports cam out of gunmen walking into churches and opening fire indiscriminately it had all the hall marks of a state sponsored terrorist act.

Similar incidents were carried out in Northern Ireland by organs of the British state as detailed in the Autobiography of Gerry Adams

Yesterday the President of Nigeria has come out and said that parts of his government were involved in the attacks which happened in the North of the country.

The goal of the attacks?

To create an atmosphere of tension within the country which brings with it massive increases in spending of military equipment. This is the most obvious result but I won’t pretend I have any clues about Nigerian politics to  speculate on other motives.

Whether these attacks will cause ethnic tensions is not clear but Goodluck Jonathan coming out and highlighting the attacks are artificially create and sponsored by the state should help massively in calming down any emotions which could arise from the attacks.

The pressure is now on Goodluck Jonathan to put a stop to the attacks now he has acknowledged that he knows where the groups are getting their funding and support.

If he can put a stop to the attacks, he could be viewed as something of a hero.

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