June 16, 2024

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Two sides to every headline

Merkel on the ESFS – The only sane person in the room

Sarkozy wants to turn the ESFS into a bank funded by tax payers.

Merkel wants to make the ESFS an insurance fund

In layman’s terms Sarkozy wants a toilet where banks can dump their crap and where European savers pay for privilege of receiving this excrement from the banks

Merkel is happy for the banks to go under and wants a fund that will help people who have been burned by bank collapses.

Here is a link to a Guardian article which makes the whole thing sound much more complicated

One solution sounds fair and reasonable, the other solution sounds like fascism. Capitalism for the middle and working class and Socialism for the super rich

With Merkel’s solution the people who are doing the funding are the people who will receive the benefits of the fund.

With Sarkozy’s solution the population pay in cash and the international banking cartel are the only ones who get the benefit.

Merkel’s solution ignores the too big to fail and let’s them fail, Sarkozy wants to maintain the status quo and keep the incompetent bankers in power

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