June 16, 2024

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Two sides to every headline

The following links show live video streaming of the mass protests in Athens in today.

Hopefully the protest will remain peaceful  unlike the normal play wear the “known unknowns” have a private riot with the police which leads the whole protest to be overshadowed.

It has been said by numerous Greek politicians that the stone throwing youths are a tool used by the police so they can use tear gas on a massive scale on innocent civilians.

SKAI TV Live Streaming Video Coverage of 19.10.11 protests from Athens, Syntagma

The video from this  webcam updates every 60 seconds

Livestream, Video streaming from Syntagma Athens

Webcam showing video of main shopping district in Thessaloniki

This video link was not working at time of writing (10.55GMT), it may be operative later

Thessaloniki Protests, webcam video, updates every 60 seconds or so

Today’s strike is by far the biggest since the initial crisis of 2008.

The webcam showing video of Thessaloniki’s main shopping district shows almost completely deserted streets a sign of how even independent and no unionised workers and business owners are protesting against the Greek government’s, in our opinion, suicidal measures.

Although the public sector and private sector are bitterly divided about the measures, the one thing that both sides agree on is that the government is destroying the Greek economy. The solutions offered by both sides are poles apart but their disgust at the PASOK regime is more enough to unite them.

It seems the majority of Greeks now understand that if democracy no longer works then you have to hit the government in the pocket. The goal of private businesses closing for a day it to stop the government from receiving at one day’s worth of tax revenues.

This is the first time I witness non-unionised private sector workers and businesses go on strike anywhere in the world.

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