June 16, 2024

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Liege Hand Grenade Terrorist Attack – Many Casualties

Reports are coming in that a group of 2-4 men have attacked a bus stop in Liege town centre with hand grenades and guns.

Apparently one civilian is confirmed dead as well as one of the gunmen.

Only sketchy details are available as yet butfrom what has been reported so far this attack in Liege has similarities with previous terrorist attacks in Belgium, namely the Cellules Communiste Combattantes, or CCC attacks on Belgian supermarkets in the 1980s



The similarities I am referring to being the deadly attack on a densely populated area by well armed and apparently professional men.

To my knowledge the CCC attacks on Belgian supermarkets were never solved and the attackers in the Liege incident appear to have escaped at the time of writing.

Considering Belgium has been so quiet of late this attack has come soon after a new government has been appointed along with a new prime minister.

It was also reported that the Democratic Republic of Congo could be facing civil violence due to the contested results of the recent election.

Belgium has a long history of close involvement in the DRC, any strife in the DRC would surely involve a relatively big Belgian presence.

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