March 1, 2024

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Human Catastrophe In Greece Assured – Communists Favourite To Win June Elections

Granted, I get a lot of my information second-hand but Syriza, the alternative communist party in Greece is getting airtime galore prior to the next election.

When I see the mainstream media giving one party so much publicity I think I can predict what is coming and so can Greeks.

People I speak to say Syriza are the favourites to win the next election and I see nothing to go against that prediction.

Communist by any other name. Tsipras of Syriza has declared his party is open to the possibility of the his government using the money of bank depositors for any purposes the government sees as fit.

So what do the communists/Syriza stand for? What do they say they will do when they get into power?

2 main things.

1. Put government wages back to prior levels and recruit all previously laid off government workers.

2. Increase taxes on businesses.

You have to say they are consistent to their goals, ie anti-capitalist.

This sort of campaigning is nothing new for Greeks. Every election you have a party coming out with things that are clearly too good to be true but they appeal to the emotions of the Greeks and the Greeks can’t help themselves but to vote on their emotions.

Last time it was Papandreou with “there is the money”

And now you have Tsipras and Syriza with “there is the money”

When there clearly isn’t.

If and when Syriza get to power, you can be sure that the Greek economy is going to completely implode and then default.

Unless Germany is prepared to pump billions more into the country there is no other way out.

You can bet their will be major issues even for basic services in Greece and I can tell you now, if that happens, who will be getting the blame?


It will have been the capitalists that have put the country in such a bad position.

It is Germany that has aggravated an already bad situation by having such tough deficit targets.

And the solution must be more government to quash the corruptive effects of the private sector which have destroyed the Greek economy.

Of course all this is nonsense.

Greece has economic problems because the state spent more than it took in (government deficit) and the country imported more than it exported (trade deficit).

Absolutely none of these issues are to do with the private sector.

Individual Greeks have to balance their books, the government has thought it did not as it could simply get the private sector to pay for it.

Capitalism and freedom are the only things that will give Greece a prosperous future.

Giving power to the government has been tried and it has failed miserably but you can feel what is building here. A socialist/communist takeover.

The extreme left will be given power, they will fail, the blame will be left at the door of capitalists with the goal to make Greece even more dependent of foreign governments and banks than it was before.

Free domain radio have the philosophy that basically, people in Western societies are livestock, cows if you will. We produce the milk for the government farmer in the form of taxation.

Taxpayers getting milked by government. For a sustainable government, the taxpayers have to be given enough freedom so they are productive enough to support the government. But not too much freedom where they can choose not to be milked

While the farmer/government cannot give the cows total freedom, the more freedom it gives the cow/taxpayer, the more productive that cow is and the more tax revenue the government gets.

So in the UK you have a farmer that wants the population to be productive so there are large tax revenues. Businesses are easy to start and regulation is relatively low, although still far too much.

On the other hand you have Greece. The farmer here seems to have no interest in having productive livestock. The farmer appears to not want higher tax revenues.

In fact, if you look at the Greek economic situation from the farmer-livestock perspective, it is not like farming at all.

The Greek government seems to simply want to keep the animals alive. In other words to give Greeks just enough freedom so they can feed themselves so they do not starve to death.

Even since the introduction of the Euro this attitude of the farmer in Greece has clearly showed that the animals have not been given enough freedom. Because while the animals have been feeding themselves, the farmer has got into massive debt.

Since 2008, the reality has been crystal clear. The farmer needs to increase his income or shed some machinery of government.

But instead of this, the farmer has decided to give the animals even less freedom through increased taxation. The exact opposite of what is required.

And now a communist party look set to take power and strip even more freedom from the animals and increase the amount of machinery on the farm.

It is hard to believe anyone can be so stupid, unfortunately the talk in Greece is not about making people more productive or shrinking the size of government.

The talk is all about whether Greece will continue to receive money from the EU. Until the Greek media starts talking about the core issues, Greeks will be as clueless as ever with regards top what the real problem is with their country.

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