July 18, 2024

News Cymru

Two sides to every headline


Proto Thema have run a sensational article today on COVID19 in Greece.

Claim 1

As of last June, 89 people aged 18-39 had died in hospitals due to coronavirus. 

From last July until yesterday the number of patients who ended up in this age group increased by

24% .

Actually 89 people in this age group had died up to the 5th of July. Since then 21 new deaths have been reported up to the 5th October. Increase of 24% more or less accurate.

Has the case fatality rate changed during this time?

No, it was 0.04% then and it is 0.04% now. Or to put it another way, 4 deaths for every 10,000 cases. Given the potential issues of Myocarditis in younger people, to be recommending vaccines for this age group blindly, seems irresponsible.

Claim 2

In the age group of people 40-64 years the increase of intubated from summer is almost 100%.

Inutabted numbers we do not have but we do have deaths and cases.

Lets assume “summer” is July, case fatality rate in July was 0.3%.

From 22 August to 5th October, case fatality rate was 0.8%.

There has been an increase in the case fatality rate during this period but it is much lower than in April when it was 1.2%.

In short the case fatality rate does fluctuate but the fluctuations are not connected to the vaccination rate.

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