September 28, 2022

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Two sides to every headline

Epidemiologist Should Listen to Sturgeon on Coronavirus)

Caught this story on ZeroHedge and thought I would take a closer look at Mark Woolhouse, who is he etc.

And I found this newspaper article in the Daily Record which qualifies as being beyond stupid.

I kid you not, this is the first line of the article

“A Scottish Government coronavirus adviser ignored Nicola Sturgeon’s advice and stayed at his island holiday home hours before lockdown restrictions were put in place.”

The article then goes on highlighting comments from his neighbours which basically amounts to him being lambasted.

Let me break the sentence down so we can highlight the idiotic premise of the article.

We have one of the foremost experts on the Coronavirus in Scotland, one of the people that advises Nicola Sturgeon on the Coronavirus being criticised because he did not follow Sturgeon’s advice.

The Daily Record, rather than carrying the headline “advisor slammed”, a much higher quality piece of journialism would say

“Scottish government Coronavirus adviser disagrees with way lockdown measures implemented”

This would give the population a much better idea of the situation and allow them to make an informed decision or at least understand the background to the decision the government has made.

Professor Mark Woolhouse has been on Channel 4 on the 31 st of July which he makes his case and the background to his thinking which appear entirely correct.

For example he states that the lockdown was always a temporary, panic measure which only delayed the spread of the Coronavirus. As soon as lockdowns lifted the virus would continue its course.

Lockdown not a sustainable solution and would not eliminate the virus.

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