September 28, 2022

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Two sides to every headline

Greek Media Alarmism – Ta Nea Corona Virus

Parts of the Greek media is still banging the drum for Coronavirus and the continuation of government measures such as face masks and curfews.

Ta Nea on the 31st of August is a prime example of attempting to introduce fear into their readers.

Phrases like “breaking the barrier of 10,000 cases”, “extremely worrying that half the cases are in August”, “safe conclusion can only be draw after the first week of September”.

This last sentence has me confused, the airports have been open since the middle of July. but apparently the real risk is people returning from holiday. In Greece. Apparently people will only be contagious when they come back from holiday, not while they are on holiday and not before?

But it is not all alarmism. At the end of the article Ta Nea very helpfully gives a break down of those affected. And it tells us nothing we have not known from the 3 months. Namely it is those over 60 who are many times more at risk and likewise those with existing conditions.

In short, unless you have a pre-existing condition and or you are over 60 the chances of you having serious outcomes to COVID19 is tiny.

Yes the cases are increasing but the mortality rate is falling.

The 7 day rolling average is about the same as Mid April, when Greece was under lockdown yet the number of cases today is over double. The mortality rate has halved, it now averages 2.37% using known cases. Assuming for every one symptomatic cases there are ten asymptomatic cases or people which stayed at home, the morality rate would be 0.2%, which is even lower than the Swedish government estimates and they have never mandated masks.

In summary, continued measures in our opinion look unjustified (for those under 60 and without existing conditions). The mortality rate is arguably lower than flu now, the number of deaths are around the same as we had during lockdown. Surely it is time to move on, doctors in the UK and Spain are saying the worst is behind us and they see no reason for COVID19 to return

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