May 27, 2024

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DeBild – Something Against Greek Politicians?

I was reading an article on Athens News today which had a link to a DeBild article regarding the LAOS politician Yiorgos Karatzaferis who stands a good chance of being part of the ruling government.

I do not know if DeBild is a credible newspaper in Germany but going from the article which starts of call Karatzaferis a “Je w Hater” I would have to assume no.

It gives 4 examples which are apparently supposed to show the LAOS leader as a”Jew Hater”

These are the quotes DeBild gives in its article which is supposed to justify calling someone a “Jew Hater”

• After 11 September 2001, he said in Parliament: “Why the Jews were warned that day not to go to work at the World Trade Center?” – This is not the first time I have heard this, I still do not know if it is true or not  but apparently if you make an allegation like this you automatically hate the people you are talking about

• The Israeli ambassador, he said on television: “Jewish ambassador, watch where you go! Let’s talk about the Holocaust, let’s talk about all the tales of Auschwitz and Dachau. “ – It is terrible what happended in the second world war but apparently wanting to discuss it make you a racist. If someone said to me, Richard, let us discuss how the tales of millions of people getting murdered in Rwanda I would like to hear their opinion.

• In Parliament Karatzaferis asked publicly, according to Greek media in 2002 the then Prime Minister Costas Simitis: “Is it true that your daughter has secretly married a Jew?” – A rude question, yes, does it make him a hater? Personally I do not think so

• At the foundation of his party LAOS in 2000: “We are the only true Greeks. We are none of these Jews, homosexuals and communists. ” – Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I fail to see the significance. I am a true Welshman, I am no English or a Marxist. Does this statement mean I hat English people or Marxists?

Perhaps I am extremely naive but the writing of this newspaper seems to be justifying extremely offensive statements because someone made some remarks about some things.

Maybe Karatzaferis is a racist, I do not pretend to know but what makes ask questions is why had the DeBild newspaper chosen to attack this man?

Going by this article, in my opinion, DeBild could be branded as a “Greek” hater, their terms are much stronger than anything that Karatzaferis is quoted as saying.

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