July 5, 2022

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COVID19 Update Greece 4.3.21

COVID19 Update Greece 4.3.21

Raw numbers: 35 deaths, 2219 new cases, 56,000 tests

COVID19 Update Greece 4.3.21
Red line test-to-case ratio, we want this number to start increasing. Blue line deaths.


The test-to-case ratio on a 7 day rolling average has remained the same a yesterday.


The rolling 7 day average for deaths is the same as yesterday, there were 35 deaths on the 3rd of March.

Lethality Index

Slightly worse than yesterday but rate of decline is consistent. It is not accelerating.

We are moving to a 14 day lag cases to deaths, at this time this appears to be more accurate than the 10 day lag at the moment.

COVID19 Update Greece – Summary

While there has been a gradual decline over the past week, this trend does not appear to be accelerating and could even be stabilising.

COVID19 numbers reported by EODY are for the previous day.

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