April 1, 2023

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COVID19 Update Greece – 3.3.21

COVID19 Update Greece – 3.3.21

Today’s COVID19 update for Greece shows a “spike” in COVID19 cases reported yesterday, a total of 2353 new cases however this came with the background of the greatest number of tests ever carried out in one day. 61,000 COVID19 tests were carried out in Greece yesterday.

COVID19 Update Greece – 3.3.21
Test-to-case ratio (red) and 7 day average deaths (blue) appear to be plateauing, we could seen improvements in the next few days.

What does this mean for the cases?

The 7 day average test-to-case ratio actually changed very little, going from 25.15 to 25.14 tests per case.

This indicates we could be seeing the plateau in prevalence, for the last few days we have seen a deterioration of around 0.5 a day, a 0.01 change could be significant.

COVID19 Greece – Deaths

Deaths also fell yesterday to 23, on a 7 day average the number increased slightly to 30.57 from 30.43. Again this change is encouraging because it was so small. It had been increasing by around 1 per day for the last week.

COVID19 Greece – Lethality Index

The 7 day average for the COVID19 Lethality Index was also very slightly worse yesterday, a 0.03 deterioration. This increase is inline with what we have been seeing over the past week.

Our forecast for deaths over the coming days, using the Lethality Index, says that the 7 day average for deaths is unlikely to breach 40.

COVID19 Update Greece – Summary

COVID19 Deaths and prevalence could be reaching a plateau, it is possible we will start to see an improvement in the situation in the next few days. As the trends stand at the moment, we do not see things getting worse and the likelihood is things will start to improve before the weekend.

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