September 28, 2022

News Cymru

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Tear Gas Greek Protests – Investigation into Excessive Use by Police

To anyone that was whatching the live video streams of the Greek protests in Athens the completely out of control use of tear gas by the police was obvious

Police were firing tear gas canisters into groups of peaceful protesters with no regard for their safety.

The district attorney for Athens has now said they will investigate the claims after pressure has been applied by a number of groups who participated in the protests against the new austerity measures.

At times the protests were reduced to a farce. Anytime the peaceful protesters were gathering outside the parliament a hail of tear gar canisters would rain down on the square. On 2 separate occasions I saw a crowd of people panicking to get away from the gas which could have easily have left people trampled under foot.

I also saw what looked police throwing tear gas canisters into the metro station. There has to be some guidelines about using tear gas in confined spaces surely

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