April 2, 2023

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Max Keiser Completely Misunderstands The Greek Cirsis And German Intentions

Let me first says the Max Keiser is awesome. He brings an amazing amount of insight to the subjects he discusses and he has opened my eyes to a huge amount of things.

Max Keiser is the daddy.

Having said all that, Max Keiser is completely and utterly misunderstanding what is happening in Greece. I do not think it is possible for him to misunderstand it more.

Max Keiser is lumping Germany in with the ECB, the EU, France and the international banking cartel and nothing could be more incorrect.



Sure, Germany is attaching very strict conditions to the Greek bailout cash. I think this is normal. Greek politicians are degenerate spenders of other people’s money and the simple fact is they cannot be trusted to represent the Greek people.

Germany knows this, Greeks know this, Max Keiser seems to not know this.

The EU, ECB, France, Goldman Sachs want to cure the global financial crisis with inflation. Germany does not.

The problems in Greece are artificial. They are not created because of Germany. The Greek recession has been created by the international banking cartel, the Greek government and the ECB to force Germany to change its economic policy.

If the Greek crisis was handled responsibly and with a dose of sanity Greece would have emerged from recession a year ago and would ow be well on the way to recovery.

The fact is the Greek government have deliberately sabotaged the Greek economy to make Germany look bad and to make its noninflationary economic policy look cruel.

The fact is that the first thing the Greek government did was to increases taxes that were not related to people’s income and this is what has led to the destruction of the Greek economy.

Max Keiser needs to study the actions of the Greek government before  criticising Germany.

Max Keiser should be attacking the Greek politicians not Germany. The Greek politicians are responsible for the mess Greece is in today, not Germany.

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