November 30, 2022

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COVID19 Update Greece – 25.7.21

On the 5th of May restrictions were lifted on bars and restaurants in as much as outside areas could open. From the 5th of May until the end of May restrictions were further eased with music being played again at the end of May and the night curfew being eliminated.

Generally speaking the number of cases continued to fall rapidly throughout this period until the 26th of June.

Cases Rise

As of today the 25th of July we are seeing case numbers almost as high as they have ever been since the start of COVID19.

Deaths on the other hand have been dropping steeply since the 5th of May with the numbers of today being 0.67 deaths per million of the population.

Given that we have never mass tested for corona viruses before it is difficult to know if this level of cases is normal or not. Deaths are so low one could argue that they are statistically insignificant ie so low impossible to form any conclusions with regards to if this is normal or not.

Cases seem to be plateauing now.

Waves or Regional?

The rise in cases since the 26th of June have mainly be concentrated in Athens and to a lesser extent Crete.

Thessaloniki in Northern Greece has been the hardest hit on a population per case basis and the rises in Thessaloniki have been quite small during the same period.

Athens and Crete are major population centres with around five million people in Athens and one million in Crete.

Relative to the population Athens (1 case per 25 people) has had half as many cases as Thessaloniki (1 case per 10 people) until now and Crete (1 case per 55 people) five times less cases than Thessaloniki.

In short, for the moment at least, it seems Thessaloniki has reached some sort of immunity whereas there are some parts of the country ie Athens, Crete, Peloponnese, West Greece (1 case per 55 people) could have a long way to go to reach the same level of penetration.

In summary

There appears to be a complete dislocation between cases and deaths now in Greece.

The connection between curfews and lockdowns is not obvious ie cases reducing after lockdown ended.

The national case numbers make it seem as if country is being hit by waves whereas the increases in cases appear to be localised (for example, currently Crete is experiencing it first major rise in cases)

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