September 28, 2022

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Two sides to every headline

COVID19 Sources

General COVID19 information sources

Live vaccines vs non live effect on all cause mortality

br>BMJ Vaccine Raw Data needs to be public

FDA, Pfizer conflicts of interest


Open air regime Spanish Flu treatment

PCR testing, not suitable for viruses

Ten fatal errors with PCR testing

ADE Robert Malone

Full version ADE Robert Maloneón_mediada_por:f

YouTube Rand Paul – Children spreading virus

Research study. Transmission by children

WHO assessment of asymptomatic transmission inconclusive

Admission stats NHS UK

Second wave, why its unlikely

Belgium health profession demand investigation into COVID

T-Cells. Pre-exisiting immune response

Rand Paul Fauchi article

Amnesty International report on nursing homes in UK

Jump off a bridge

Heat and relative humidity effect on corona

Swiss studies on lethality

Cancer patient backlog

Oxford epidemiologists

Welsh cases

WHO reinfection data


NHS flexible capacity


Hydroxychloroquine correct use

Our world in data. Comparison countries

World Economic Forum

SARS-COV2 only affects monkeys?

Spanish doctor commenting on COVID in Spain &

Amazon city with herd immunity?

UK Lockdown costs

UK Lockdown costs

USA lockdown deaths state versus state

Guardian lockdown costs estimate

Fecal matter

CEBM Covid

CEBM mask studies

Asymptomatic transmission

Prof John A Lee

PCR accuracy rate

Rapid antibody detection test accuracy


World Economic Forum widget

Why lockdowns are a terrible idea

ONS testing date end of October

PCR accuracy test

Rapid test critique

Why Imperial College models are less than ideal

COVID forms Greece

Influenza vaccine increases risk of respiratory disease

Daily reports for Greece

Vaccine effectiveness

Data comparison site

Holland stats

Thessaloniki/Serres second lockdown 30th of October (bars tavernas)

Thessaloniki/Serres second lockdown 2nd November, all non essential

Greece national lockdown 6th of November

Roger Hodkinson

Ending hospitals

Mask wearing effectiveness Denmark

1953 Inquiry Communism In America

Nazi Propaganda

Woman man handled into van

Womans arrest

Influenza concerns about accuracy and cost of tests

UK weekly covid influenza reports

Cancer heart disease spending uk 2012

Lockdowns cost 560,000 lives

Issues with vaccine. PCR measure success, PCR unreliable, possible infertility in women,

PCR tests should be stopped

MHRA regulator funding

MHRA funding from Bill and Melinda Gates

PCR versus antibody tests

PCR not a problem

Vaccine complaint

PCR CT Faucci

Child vaccine comparison

Effect of lockdowns

Old folks outbreak Arons


Asymptomatic transmission influenza

Vaccines medical intervention third of all deaths USA

Zinc treatment COVID19

Asymptomatics spread

PCR infectiousness

Fruit testing positive

Flu shot ingredients

Guardian schools reopening effect

Respiratory admissions Dec19 for Oct 20

mask effectiveness in surgery

Dodgy Canada post…-The-CANADIAN-REPORT.pdf

Problems with mRNA vaccine

COVID treatment Azithromycin

COVID mutations

Hydroxochloroquin HCQ studies


PCR CT Thresholds

PCR tests, Cts and viral cultures


Canada Ontario PCR cycles

Asymptomatic transmission WHO YouTube

PCR testing problems

Bloomberg resilience ranking

Weekly influenza report

New variant

Children transmissibilty

Bacterial pneumonia Spanish Flu

Winter deaths only COVID19

Astra zeneca vaccine problem s

Ivermectin alternative treatment COVID19

Nil by mouth carehomes

Immune system basics

Hygiene immune system

mRNA vaccine problems

SARS COV vaccine problem

Dolores Cahill mrna vaccine

RSV vaccine problem children


Ivermectin studies ignored

Treatment regime COVID19


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