September 28, 2022

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Wales vs USA Quick Match Analysis (13.11.20)

Wales vs USA was not a good match to watch, at least from a Welsh perspective, from the USA point of view it showed a lot of promise and arguably the USA team were the more successful even if the scoreline was nil nil.


Generally the Welsh defending was solid with plenty of men back although there were a few mistakes that could have led to goals if the opposition were more clinical. Wales can count themselves lucky their defensive mistakes did not lead to a goal.


Players were making runs, they were making themselves available but by far the biggest issue was the supply.

Players making great runs, putting themselves in great positions, we could have seen at least two goals, unfortunately some of the final passes were woeful and on one occasion criticism even came from the player making the bad pass to the player that made the excellent run.


The Welsh players seem to have confidence on the ball, the biggest issue is the decision making in the final third (to use a cliche). More thought must go into the passing, how to put the receiving player in a good position, how to put the receiving player in a place where they have space and time to make the next decision.

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