September 28, 2022

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Two sides to every headline

Wales Is The Greece Of The UK

I love articles like this.

People who have no clue commenting in things they know nothing about.

If you are shallow and just look at the surface of a situation, the NY Times is 100% correct. Wales is pathetic and if it was not for England, the economic power house, the Welsh would be starving.

Thank god for England.

But lets take a closer look, how did Wales end up in a union with England?

To cut a long story short, constant and brutal invasions over hundreds of years which eventually wore the Welsh down and led to Greek leader selling out for “status”

I am absolutely positive the English elite constantly invaded Wales and spent millions, if not billions of pounds in today’s money building castles so they could support the poor Welsh who needed English support.

And I am equally sure the Welsh resisted the English advances because they needed England’s help.

These 2 things I am positive about.

The fact of the matter is that England is not a viable country if it were to be seperated from Wales.

I am quite sure that Wales will never gain independence from England, that I am positive about.

And even if Wales were to declare independence from England I am equally sure that England would launch military action to take the country back under English control.

England simply does not have enough water to support its population.

With Welsh independence England, over night, would suddenly have to start paying market rates for the water it currently gets for free, this simple fact would make life in England much more expensive at the same time as making the Welsh much richer.

I am just scratching the surface here but what are your thoughts?

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