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UFO Thessaloniki Greece 6.2.21

UFO Thessaloniki Greece 6.2.21

I saw a UFO on the 6th of Feb 2021 near Thessaloniki, Greece these are the details.

UFO Greece – Where

I saw the light as I was looking from Perea (across the Thermaikos Gulf, Thessaloniki) towards Mount Paiko and Edessa. It was around the same height as Paiko from my position.

This is the general direction where we saw the light. We were on the right side of the map.

UFO Greece – What

An flickering orange light that would fade out of view and then appear again suddenly. There was no pattern to the disappearing and reappearing of the light. At the time we started watching it it was not visible more than it was visible. When we stopped watching it is was visible more often than it was not.

I found this video on YouTube. The light I saw looks very similar to this except the one in the video moves when the light is visible. I presume this was also orange but came out orange/red in the video. There appears to be white pulsing with this light and it also seems to be much closer than the one I saw. I guess the light I saw was more than 10km away. If the object is similar to what I saw perhaps the white pulsing is what made the light I saw appear to flicker.

UFO Greece – Movement

No lateral movement was obvious when the object was visible, however when it reappeared it could have moved laterally. Initially it was close to Paiko but moved to the left from our position until it was approximately in the direction of Edessa then it moved back to the right. Again, all movement happened when it was not visible.

UFO Greece – Possible Explanations


No lateral movement when visible which would suggest it would be moving towards or away from us if it were a plane. The light has consistent luminosity from the entire 20-30 minute period which ruled out a plane in my opinion.

The light was also orange, I am not sure if there are lights on aeroplanes which are orange.

While we are on the subject of planes, Drive did an article about a pilot that saw a bright orange light UFO in the USA.


Could clouds have been passing in front of the light and causing the flickering and appearance and disappearance of the light?

I would say no for a few reasons.

There was little to no wind that night to move clouds in front of the object.

We did witness two other faint white lights (which we presumed were planes) moving from right to left and one moving from left to right. These lights never disappeared from view, did not flicker and they were at the same height as the orange light from our view. These lights also did not flicker. Unlike the orange light.

The disappearance of the orange light was total. When the light went out it was sudden, like it had been switched off, if a cloud has passed in front of it I would expect the light to fade slower and perhaps even still be visible through the cloud. Neither of these things were happening, when the orange light went out it was immediate and total. That night we had high altitude wispy clouds which would lead me to expect that they would not obscure the light if they were passing in front of it.


This would seem to be the most obvious explanation except that the light moved left and then right over a period of 20-30 minutes. I would expect a celestial object to move in one direction only.


This is a possibility. When the helicopter turned that could obscure the light reaching us totally. It was also explain the light being stationary. But again, I do not know of any aircraft that uses an orange external light.

One thing that does make be doubt it being a helicopter is the fact that we did not witness any movement from the object when it was visible. We were looking at it for twenty minutes and at no time did we see it move while it was visible, it would simply appear in a different location but at the same altitude.


I know of no drone that has a light this bright, I assume the drone would be flying over land and from our vantage point that would be around 10km away. Our vantage point was on the coastline of Perea.

Hot Air Balloon.

This would be the most compelling explanation if it were not after sunset. The orange light could have been made by the balloon burners and I presume they would burn orange. The speed of the light’s movement could also be consistent with a hot air balloon. However I believe flying a hot air balloon at night is a no-no because you need to be able to see where you are landing. And again, we saw no movement when the light was visible but the lateral movement was easily a few degrees when it was not visible.


Could it have been a number of objects instead of just one?

Could it have been meteorites heading directly for our position which is why we saw no movement laterally or vertically while they were visible?

I have seen meteorites and the strong orange of this light could have easily been made by a meteorite. A meteorite could also explain the flickering. It could also explain the sudden disappearance of the light each time.

However I think it would be highly unlikely (though not impossible) that would see so many meteorites heading directly at us so precisely that we saw no signs of lateral or vertical movement and no tail. Especially when the field of view in which we saw the light was around 20 degrees. At the extremes of the field of view I would expect to at least get a hint of a tail but we saw nothing.

Also, as the earth rotates I would expect the lights to appear in a line slowly progressing along the horizon but the light/s started out on the right, went to the left and returned to the right.

Space Station

Similar story to it being a star or planet. I would expect the movement to be in one direction and I would expect the movement to be visible when the light was visible, neither of the these things happened.


No question this was a UFO, it is an unidentified object as far as I am concerned.

If you have any suggestions or explanations, feel free to leave a comment!

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