April 1, 2023

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Thessaloniki Snow Forecast 12.2.21 (Greece)

Snow is apparently coming to Thessaloniki, these are the times we can expect it to fall along with the temperatures. Forecasts from Windfinder, Accuweather and Snowforecast



Windfinder has rain/snow starting to fall in a meaningful way in Thessaloniki at 8am on the 13th of Feb.

The snow/rain will stop around 14:00/2pm with showers possible until 2am where the snow/rain will start to fall more solidly. This will die out at around 2pm on Sunday.

It will be clear until Wednesday at least.


Temperatures will be around 5C to 10C until midnight on Saturday.

Falling to 0C to minus 5C until Tuesday 11am


Wind will die down to a breeze from now until midnight Saturday. Winds will increase from midnight Saturday until midnight Sunday. Winds will be sustained until Tuesday afternoon.



Snowforecast.com has snow reaching the hills around Thessaloniki on 8am Saturday.

Snow will reach Thessaloniki city at 2pm Saturday and continue until Sunday 2pm. It will continue snowing on the hills around Thessaloniki until Monday 2pm when it will clear up for the rest of the week.


0 to 5C until Tuesday evening where the temperature will drop to -5C to -10C until the morning of Wednesday. Temperatures 0 to -5C until Thursday morning.



Accuweather has Thessaloniki at 2C on Saturday, 0C on Sunday, temperatures pretty stable in the night to the day


Showers (sleet) during Saturday with snow showers during Sunday, depth 10-15cm


General consensus is snow in the first half of Sunday. Temperatures -5C to 5C until Monday Tuesday.

Past history

Usually when snow is forecast, it either never arrives or is much less than forecast. When it isn’t forecast it tends to come, a lot.

This time we have a relatively high amount of snow forecast. My tendency is to think the meteorologists don’t want to be accused of underestimating the snow, they probably give the very highest estimate at 15cm. I’d say a sprinkling to 2cm is what we will get.

I love snow, I even think putting snow chains on while lying in snow is brilliant, so obviously I would love to see 15cm of it.

At the moment, Friday 2.40pm temperatures have dropped noticeably since yesterday and there is a howling wind. I easily imagine the temps getting down to the forecast 2C tomorrow and 0C on Sunday.

At the moment there is zero sign of any rain or snow coming.

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