November 28, 2023

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#Thessaloniki Protests – COVID19 Lockdown 14.2.21

#Thessaloniki Protests – COVID19 Lockdown 14.2.21

Around 500 people gathered outside the White Tower in Thessaloniki yesterday in defiance of the 6pm curfew and in protest at the lockdown measures.

I have written about the progress Greece is making with COVID and the measures the government has introduced along with their effect.

Despite the government reporting an increase in daily cases from around 500 a day to around 1200 a day, the number of people dying is thankfully unaffected.

Since January the daily number of people dying is around 20 a day. It should also be noted that hospitals are reporting that influenza has been eradicated this year completely. We have to assume that the annual flu deaths are being attributed to COVID19.

Are the Thessaloniki protests justified?

In our opinion absolutely, we do not see any justification for restricting the movements of healthy people. It is reported in the mainstream media that asymptomatic people can also be contagious, however what they fail to mention is that there is zero hard evidence to confirm this from anywhere in the world at the time of writing. The theory of asymptomatic spread is a theory which is based on assumptions not proven facts.

Given the evidence for the spread by healthy people is, at this point, unproven, one has to ask the question,

Why would a lockdown stop the spread if healthy people are not contributing?

To us it would seem impossible that it would achieve anything and indeed numbers reported by Bloomberg have shown the relationship between lockdown measures, their severity, their effectiveness and the mortality rate is inversely proportional. ie the tighter and more effective a lockdown the worse the virus becomes.

#Thessaloniki Protests – COVID19 Lockdown 14.2.21
From Bloomberg lockdown data. Evidence shows lockdowns increase mortality rate of COVID19

This is entirely logical. Without a shadow of a doubt, health care provision has been massively reduced in all countries with lockdown measures, increased cancer treatment times being a prime example, which will inevitably lead to more people dying. The knock on effects of extended periods indoors, reduced social interaction and the erosion of people’s general health has been well documented.

Until solid evidence comes out showing the virus spreads by healthy people the only thing we can expect from the lockdowns of healthy people can be a decline in the general health of the population. The numbers published by Bloomberg simply reflect this inevitable & obvious reality.

Restricting the movements of healthy people can have no effect ergo the result of lockdowns and all the things that go with them can only lead to one thing, more deaths and general reduction in the quality of people’s health.

Given the massive costs associated with government mandated lockdowns you would think that the relationship would be obvious, surely it must be obvious to justify the cost. If the beneficial effects of lockdowns are not obvious for everyone to see then surely their costs cannot be justified. For the tens of billions of Euros that these lockdowns are costing the Greek citizen, the benefits should be clear but in fact the evidence points to the opposite, the more money the government spends on it’s response the worse it makes the situation, the more people die and the worse the health of the nation becomes.

In short we 100% agree with any protests against the COVID restrictions, we do not want the health of the nation to deteriorate, we do not want medical provision to be curtailed. The restrictions should be phased out from today, to save lives and rejuvenate peoples physical and psychological well being.

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