October 3, 2023

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Two sides to every headline

Syria Fighting – Rapid Erosion Of Mainstream Media’s Credibility

The amount of effort going in to propagandise the fighting in Syria is complete absurd.

We have even had “movies” shot showing a day in the life of your average Syrian freedom fighter.

I am not saying Assad is good. I know nothing about the guy.

But what is clear from the media is that the UN, the USA, France etc are desperate to turn the situation into full-scale war.

Considering that the claimed goal of the UN is not protect civilians, supplying the rebels with weapons is hardly a way to protect people.

Assad may be shelling Hommes. But so far the international media has been unable to film any conclusive video. At least from what I have seen.

What I have seen is people walking in front of tanks. Apparently this was conclusive proof that the Syrian army was using civilians as human shields.

The other side of the story could easily have been that civilians were walking in front of tanks to make it look like they were human shields.

At the end of the day, Assad is looking to continue to rule the country on the long-term. It is not in his interests to piss off the population too much.

I have seen other footage showing rebels launching missiles but the commentary on the footage was an incoming shell from Assad forces.

We have Koffi Annan in Syria trying to work out a peaceful settlement.

And then we have probably the most pro war senators in the USA going to the Syria/Turkey border and surprise surprise, they are saying diplomacy is not working.

These two senators being Joe Lieberman and John McCain.

I am not saying bad things are not happening in Syria. What I am saying is that the media is doing everything it can to say that everything the rebels do is right and that everything Assad does is wrong.

I am also not saying that Russia and China are good but their veto in the UN was a touch of sanity, the alternative being all out war.

There is no easy solution to the problem but one thing is for sure, pouring more arms into the country to supply rebels is pouring petrol on the fire. Diplomacy has to be the solution to any conflict. Northern Ireland is a good example of that.

And it is not just the complete bias in the reporting of the conflict.

The double standards are also hard to swallow.

It was okay for the UN to be shelling Sirte at the end of the Libyan invasion but the shelling of Homs is not okay.

Neither are okay when civilians are caught in the middle I just wish the media would say so.

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