July 18, 2024

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Send In The Dogs – Abuse Of Power, Racism, The Met Police.

I was watching a show documenting the lives of Met police officers who work with dogs. I’m a huge dog lover so I was looking forward to seeing mans best friend maintain law & order, unfortunately, the show was shocking for all the wrong reasons.

I found the show so disturbing that I stopped watching after two episodes.

Send In The Dogs is a damming display of police abusing their power to the detriment of dog owners and the public.

To give some examples.

A dog unit was sent to investigate a robbery, while in the police officer was in the neighbourhood he saw a young black male talking with a friend on the steps of a building, instead of opening a conversation with the man, the police office thought it more appropriate to drive the dog into a frenzy, to start shouting at the man at the top of his voice while telling him to lie of the ground face down or he would set the dog on him.

It was an utterly disgusting piece of television and was a graphic example of certain members of the Met police choosing to use force rather than talk to a member of the public.

Another example, again a black male was helping the Met police by giving them a breakdown of what led to a fight on the underground, while he was telling the police what he saw the police dog bit the man.

And perhaps the most shocking incident on Who Lets The Dogs Out was the police seizing family pets for no obvious reason, for any dog owner, the state taking your pet must be your worst nightmare.

In the first incidence a black male (is there a pattern forming here?) was travelling on the underground with a dog which the police said looked like a pit bull, the man said it was a Labrador cross but he did not know what the dog was crossed with. Having showed the dog on the program I can tell you the dog could have been crossed with anything, there were dominant features of a labrador and that is all you could tell, the dog was as soft and loving as you would ever meet.

Despite the behaviour of the dog, despite the fact that the dog was blonde, despite the fact that whatever the dog was crossed with it was clearly more than 70% Labrador the police decided to seize the man’s family pet.

They even showed the dog in police custody after they have seized it and again it was one of  the sweetest dogs you have ever seen.

The second seizure of a family pet came when the police raided an alleged drug dealers house.

Before the raid the police acknowledged that they knew the man had a dog and that it would be completely normal for the dog to go crazy when ten police broke through the front door screaming at the family.

Fortunately for the police the police dog handler was the first through the door with a fire extinguisher to confront the dog, one squirt of CO2 was enough to turn the dog into a scared puppy dog who was again, extremely friendly to police when they took it away.

So the Met police acknowledged the dog would get aggressive when they smashed the door in, the also acknowledged that it would be completely normal for the dog to respond in this way and yet when the dog did  what any dog would do they seized a family pet.

Send The Dogs In highlights the massive powers the police are, how eager they are to use these powers, how over the top these powers are and the racism that might exist in police forces, it also highlights the massive costs of making drugs illegal while at the same time showing how non violent drug “offences” are.

In short “Send In The Dogs” is a disgusting program to watch. It documents in detail  police that are completely and utterly drunk on power and have completely lost sight of their purpose, ie to serve the people.

I am by no means saying all police dogs handlers are bad, what I am saying is that some of the dog handlers on the TV program Send In The Dogs are abusing their power and given the amount of black males that seem to be on the receiving end of the police dog units, in my opinion there is also a case to say there is racism.

Like I said, I could only watch two episodes but it was enough for me to lose a huge amount of respect for police dog units.



This video is typical. The police dog is searching people for drugs without the police having a warrant. I wonder how comfortable this makes law-abiding people and if law-abiding people would agree with this sort of activity?

And again the video is also a prime example of the simply massive cost of enforcing drug laws in the UK.

A majority of the two episodes I saw were drug related, whether it were police searching the public, searching public places for stashes or raiding the homes of suspected dealers, in other words, all of the drug related “offenses” that people were being arrested for were not violent and indeed it was the police who were the ones initiating the violence.

In short a massive junk of police resources were being used to prosecute people who are not harming society in any way whatsoever.

The TV program Send In The Dogs gives many excellent reasons for drugs to be decriminalised. Criminalization of drugs costs the taxpayers of the UK a fortune, drug criminalization gives the state a reason to initiate force against the UK taxpayer and criminalization of drugs serves no purpose.

The outcomes of drug criminalization is that is sends people to prison for non violent offences and it increases the amount of violence in society the vast majority of which is committed and/or initiated by the police, the same people who are supposed the make us safer.

The ex-Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson  explains the situation of drug criminalization very well

Harm-reduction: health issue rather than criminal issue

Q: You say we should tax and legalize marijuana. How far would you go in legalizing drugs?

A: As governor of New Mexico, everything was a cost-benefit analysis. Using that as a criteria: half of what we spend on law enforcement, the courts, and the prisons is drug-related. And to what end? We’re arresting 1.8 million people a year in this country. We now have 2.3 million people behind bars. We have the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. If people look at it, they’ll see that 90% of the drug problem is prohibition-related, not use-related. That’s not to discount the problems with use and abuse, but that ought to be the focus. I advocate legalizing marijuana: control it; regulate it; and tax it. It’ll never be legal for kids to smoke pot or buy pot; It’ll never be legal to do harm while smoking pot. When it comes to all other drugs, I advocate harm-reduction strategies, which is looking at the drug problem first as a health issue rather than as a criminal justice issue.



But I digress


The police in Send in The Dogs are too willing to use violence against the public and specifically against black males.

The police in Send In The Dogs are far too willing to seize family pets

Send In The Dogs highlights the massive resources that are used to enforce a law, a law that increases violence in society, a law that imprisons non violent people and a law that costs the UK tax payer 10 billion GBP a year. And yet despite the massive cost the UK government say that they cannot estimate how much the enforcement of drug laws cost. An unacceptable situation given the hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers money that are spent on this issue.



More info on the War On Drugs http://www.countthecosts.org/seven-costs/wasting-billions-drug-law-enforcement


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