June 7, 2023

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Two sides to every headline

Nicolas Sarkozy has come out and said that the Greek austerity measures are not a big enough “punishment” on the Greek people for their government’s reckless spending.

Reuters Quote Sarkozy as saying-Sarkozy said one of their aims was to have automatic sanctions imposed on a country if it breaches the EU rule that a budget deficit should not be bigger than 3 percent of GDP.

Sarkozy believes that a country going into default is not facing harsh enough consequences of its reckless spending.

Sarkozy believes that doubling the people out of work in Greece is not enough punishment for the Greek people whose government has acted recklessly.

Sarkozy believes that an 8% reduction in GDP over one year is not a harsh enough penalty on a country whose government that does not look after its finances properly

Sarkozy believes massive tax increases on Greeks is not a big enough punishment on the Greek people whose government has borrowed recklessly

Sarkozy believes that a 23%  VAT tax on food (There is 0% VAT on food in the UK to give some perspective) is not sufficient punishment for the Greek people, whose government has mismanaged the government finances

Sarkozy believe many more things but those are the ones I can think of at the moment.

So what does Sarkozy want to do to make the punishment of a people more “fair”

Well clearly the punishment that is handed out by the world financial markets is not enough for Sarkozy so he has decided that it would be a good idea for the EU punish the people of a country as well.

The market is not harsh enough so Sarkozy believes the only morally correct thing to do is to “create” extra artificial punishments on a country’s people in the form of sanctions, (like Iran or Libya I imagine).

With reactions like this you do really have to ask, why would any country want to be involved in a “more closely integrated” Europe if this is what you face.

Isn’t free borders and free movement of people enough? Do Europeans really want to start getting involved in the finances and “punishment and sanctions” of other European countries?

Would life not be mush easier and more straight forward if countries looked after their own affairs rather than getting involved in the affairs of the neighbour as well?

And let us not forget who gets effected by sanctions, it is certainly not the politicians who created the mess. The people who end up footing the bill of sanctions are the population of a country who did nothing more than cast a vote and who were not involved in the governments spending decisions.

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