November 28, 2023

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Romney Iowa 2012 – A Fall Guy For The Establishment?

I think most people would agree that if that had to vote for Obama or Romney they would vote for Romney.


That depends on the person but for me, Obama seems to be slightly more in touch with me than Romney.

Romney comes across as a career politician who will do anything to get elected. I’m not saying Obama is not the same, but at least Obama has some style.

Style is the only difference between Romney and Obama?




Basically, if you look at the fundamentals, nothing changes when the adminstration changes, not really.

At the end of the day the people working in the departments do not change from president to president. The managers and people on the ground are still the same people doing more or less the same thing no matter who is their congressman or senator.

Sure the congressman or senator can get involved personally with issues but basically the way the state operates does not really change.

And this is why I believe Romney is simply a fall guy that the political establishment will try to put up as contender with Barack Obama.

Assuming you believe that basically the democrats and republicans are the same thing, Romney seems like the perfect person.

Gingrich is too far off base and is not as smooth as Romney. The hype Gingrich has gotten in the press as a “presidential contender” has simply been to divert attacks from Romney.

Gingrich has been put out there as the supposed favourite for the last 2 or 3 weeks simply to take the heat of Romney. And it seems to have worked, the other candidates in the campaign have devoted some of their resources to rubbishing Gingrich when deep down I do not believe Gingrich was ever in the picture.

Romney has set his stall out already. He wants to massively increase the burden on American taxpayers with massive military purchases.



Romney has put nothing forward that will alter the course of the US economy in any meaningful matter.

Romney like the majority of politicians thinks the government has the answer, that the government has the ability to create jobs.

For some reason Romney believes the government can make better decisions with people’s money than the people themselves.

Romney’s economic plans are typical. This means the government manipulating the economy in the way it sees fit rather than putting the power in the hands of the people.

Romney is fundamentally just another candidate of the political establishment and will offer nothing to change the course of America.

To show how much trouble the US economy is in. Ron Paul has suggested cutting 5 federal departments among others things to save approximately 1 trillion dollars in his first year, and if this is successful the USA will still have a government deficit.



That is how much trouble the US economy is in and the mainstream media believes things will be fine if American has yet another establishment candidate who will play around the edges, make nice speeches and maintain the status quo.

The majority of the race to be the republican presidential nominee has been a highly organised piece of manipulation of the American people by the mainstream media.

Romney has been put into people’s mind right from the off and then other candidates have come and gone over the past year giving Romney a relatively easy path to Iowa.

Most of the attention and analysis has been targeted at Cain and Gingrich. And now, 5 days before the election for no apparent reason other than the media saying so, Romney is back to the top of the polls out of nowhere.

Sounds like Hollywood to me. And Romney and Gingrich strike me as the sort of people who are prepared to do their part, to make it look like a unpredictable election while all the while knowing they will get beat. As long as they get rewarded for their efforts and their efforts serve what they have justified as being the greater good then so be it.



Only one candidate for the republican presidential nomination has polled consistently high and has shown that he will not flip and flop to serve the political establishment or the business elite and this is the one candidate that the media ignores.



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