October 3, 2023

News Cymru

Two sides to every headline

While it is nice to see people protesting, unfortunately the Occupy Movement is protesting for more government and less big business.

The Occupy protesters need to realise that big government and big corporations is the same thing. A government of the people for the people and by the people is a nice idea but the Occupy Movement needs to remember one thing.

All people are corruptible, all people.

Big government and big business is the same thing. It is concentration of power and this always leads to tyranny.

The only true freedom is voluntary taxation, until the Occupy Movement acknowledges that fact and while the Occupy Movement continues to protest for more government involvement to save people from big business they are playing into the hands of the status quo.

They are going to make the positon of the 99% worse not better.

The protests are a positive move but the people involved need to look deeper and identify the true cause of the inequality.

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