April 1, 2023

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Two sides to every headline

“not possible for Greece to leave the eurozone because we will be destroyed. ” – Tsipras, Syriza

Is Tsipras and Syriza in general completely brainwashed or is their mission simply to make Greece a dependent on foreign governments and banks?

In short, do they want to hand over control of Greece to the EU?

Why do I say this? – Check this article from the Syriza website.

Syriza states that the Greek crisis is down to capitalism. If it is possible for an analysis to be more wrong, I have never seen an example.

I don’t think anyone disputes that the entire problem in Greece is down to Greek government debt. The Greek government has borrowed too much money and it is now unable to service the debt.

I am at a loss as to how anyone can say that the Greek government’s problem is the fault of businesses in Greece.

It is widely reported that Greece is one of the most difficult countries in the world to do business both to start a business and to maintain a business.

To say that businesses operating in Greece are the cause of the problem is an insult to every person that owns or is employed by a business in Greece.

Syriza condemns the Troika and their demands, and in a way I agree with them.

The Troika being involved in the business of the Greek government should not be necessary.

If the Greek government cannot run their own finances then they are clearly not capable of spending taxpayer money in a prudent way and therefore should not be collecting taxes.

The Troika are trying to force the Greek government to carry out the reforms that a government default would carry out automatically and instantly.

The Troika is an enabler of the Greek government, it is not helping the situation.

But I digress, there is no way an intelligent person could possibly blame the problems of the Greek government on anything other than the Greek government and the Greek politicians past and present.

Syriza is saying they have the solution, that they, as a government, would have the solution to the Greek government debt problem and yet their answer is not only to maintain the status quo but to increase the size of government.

Syriza condemns the measures being asked for by the Troika and at the same time they believe Greece should stay in the Eurozone.

How exactly do they expect this to happen?

The only logical explanation that comes to mind is that they expect German taxpayers to prop up a Greek government which taxes and regulates its people into bankruptcy.

I can only assume that Syriza and Tsipras think that Greece and Greeks are in some way inferior to Germans which is why they believe Germans can have a sustainable economy while Greece cannot.

Tsipras and Syriza say nothing as to how they propose the fix the Greek economy although this is to be expected. They do not even understand the problem.

They have done nothing to explain why the Greek economy sends 2 billion Euros a month out of the country in the form of its trade deficit and Syriza and Tspiras have said nothing with regards to how they hope to fix this problem.

They have simply focused on the minimum wage and pensions.

In short I believe the Syriza position is an utter joke but their plans would be extremely appealing to anyone that would want to see the EU have power over the Greek economy.

In summary

A Syriza government would ensure that control of the Greek finances would be handed over to Brussels as a Syriza government would simply not be competent to run an economy.

The bailouts of the Greek government need to stop. The fallout would be nowhere nears as bad as the media and politicians are saying.

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