September 28, 2022

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New Streaming Link for Athens/Greece Protests from Syntagma 20.10.11

Stop Cartel video streaming with English audio commentary

Click here for list of other streaming links

Athens News is also writing updates on today’s strikes


Today’s protests seem to be larger and definitely better organised than usual. Athens News reports the KKE union PAME surrounding the square to stop the “stone throwing youths” from entering the square.

Regardless about your thoughts to whether the youths help the publicity of the protests or harm it, the actions of PAME seem to have limited the amount of tear gas used by police in Syntagma.

Usually by this time crowds in Syntagma have been dispersed with tear gas, not so today.

The vote on further austerity measures will be this afternoon/evening.

From my point of view the only parties that benefit from Greece getting the next tranche of 8 billion Euros are the international banks.

The international banks create the money for the tranche and the government hands the money straight bank to the banks. The money is not the issue.

The tranche only prolongs the recession in Greece and gives the international banks extra time to absorb the assets of the Greek people, unionised or non unionised, public sector or private sector, through the emergency taxes the Greeks are now being forced to pay as part of the conditions of receiving the tranche.

The tranche harms the Greek people yet the PASOK government is telling people it is a good thing and Greeks must sacrifice in order to get it.

The situation is a viscous spiral with only one possible outcome, poverty for Greeks and Greek assets being sold at rock bottom prices to intentional investors.

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