October 3, 2023

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Two sides to every headline

Despite massive pressure from the international banking cartel as well as other European countries and her own electorate Merkel continues to fight for the Greek people, the question is, do the Greeks really appreciate what Merkel is doing?

I think I know the answer, and the answer is no.

The majority of Greeks have propagandized by the media in Greece and the international media into thinking Merkel is on the same side as the Sarkozy and the bankers, which she clearly is not.

The Guardian covers the negotiations about the next tranche of bail out cash but unfortunately the journalist completely misinterprets the situation.

Merkel is pushing the banks to take a bigger loss of their Greek loans. Originally it was a 20% haircut, but Merkel pushed for 50%.

As the Greek economy has imploded Merkel is now telling the banks they must take at least a 50% haircut on their debt or the banks will not receive a penny from Germany.

The Guardian however has decided that Merkel insisting the banks take a bigger loss actually means Merkel is threatening Greece.

If Greece does not get the banks to write off at least 50% of their debt then the Greek government will not get any German money to give to the banks.

How a newspaper like the Guardian can interpret this situation as a threat to Greece is a complete mystery.

At the very best it can be looked at as a duel threat to the banks and to the Greek government but in reality the Greeks really hold the cards in this game of poker, Merkel knows it, the banks know it, but do the Greeks know it? I think not.

In case there was any doubt that Merkel is on the side of the Greek people the Guardian wrote this

Merkel insisted that no country should be forced out of the eurozone as Sarkozy stressed that the “fiscal compact” would be ready to allow a new treaty to be signed on 1 March.

I do not know how much clearer Merkel can make it. Greeks need to see through the propaganda that the bank funded media is giving them and look at Merkel’s actions and decide for themselves if Merkel is with them or against them.

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