June 6, 2023

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Legalise Drugs And Save Billions

Ron Paul wants to legalise all drugs in America and I agree because it will save millions of dollars and will show the rest of the world what is possible.

If drugs were legalised you could save on the following expenses and get the following benefits
Administration/Paperwork Costs
Police Time
Informant Payments
Cars for DEA
Ships for DEA & Coastguard
Less Radar Requirment
Less Surveillance
Less Coastguard Time
Less Navy Time
Less Prisoners
Lower Drug Prices
Less Theft
Less Hospital Costs
Less Murder
Less Corruption
Increased Tax Revenue
More Time & Resources for Violent Crime

Okay points against?
Some might say legalising drugs increases drug abuse. The evidence from Holland & Portugal where certain drugs are legal shows the opposite, drug use actually decreases.

You could argue that if drugs were legal the government would have to pay for educating people about drugs

If drugs were legal maybe the government would get handed the tab of rehab.

Maybe these things are true but don’t you agree the benefits out weigh the possible disadvantages many times over?

Drug Sense

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