June 22, 2021

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Killing of dogs in Russia. New bill proposes to legalise practice

A law legalising the killing of dogs has been put forward in Russia. Unfortunately in growing trend around the world. Countries which respect the lives of man’s best friend are moving in the direction of legalising murder.

Countries such as Greece and Russia should be commended for respecting the lives and freedoms of dogs yet they are coming under pressure to reverse their values.

The bill as outlined by RT is very clear.

In some twisted logic the bill proposes that it would be easier and cheaper to house stray dogs for a set period of time. If a home is not found that set period of time, killing of the dog will be an “acceptable” solution.

This is supposed to be a cheaper and better solution than neutering stray dogs and releasing them and where there may be an issue with “packs” of dogs, dealing with the issue as and when it arises.

A problem that the government will have created ie housing stray dogs, will lead dogs being killed on a simply massive scale. Not only has the government made the problem infinitely worse than it was, the “solution” will also be incredibly expensive.

This bill has no basis in common sense.

A worse case scenario is put forward where one female jogger was badly mauled by a pack of dogs. This is a text book example of the propaganda technique “Cherry Picking” ie giving the “best” case to illustrate your point of view.

We have one example of dogs harming a human and this is given as justification of murdering tens of thousands of dogs who have not harmed anyone.

Using this standard, surely humans should also be legally murdered?

In Russia in 7.609 people were murdered, the dog “problem” does not even register in comparison.

And let us not forget the number of physical assaults in Russia annually. Some 10% of people questioned said they had been a victim in the past year

To hold animals to higher standards of behaviour than humans, would appear to be beyond stupid.

It would be far cheaper and more effective for these shelters to simply separate dogs when they are posing a problem.

The article states that “packs” of dogs can be a problem in Russia. If this is true, why do the local authorities not separating the animals after they have been neutered?

How can it be reasonable to skip the most obvious, cheapest and decent step in the process.

Why do innocent dogs have to be killed along with the problem animals.

The percentage of dogs that are problematic is simply tiny and when compared to the number of problem people the problem becomes minuscule.

Surely the money that would need to be found to enact this bill would be far better off being spent of rehabilitation of offenders and/or funneled to police departments to further reduce the number of unsolved murders in Russia every year.

In short, not only is this bill barbaric it will cost hundreds of thousands of Rubles, tens of thousands lives and will do nothing to reduce the much bigger problem of people attacking and killing other people in Russia.

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